Thursday, April 11, 2013

I'mo Go Squat in Barack and Michelle's House

I’mo Go Squat in Barack and Michelle’s House

Since President Obama has betrayed, and I don’t use that word lightly, us by forging ahead with his let them eat cat food legislation as he proposes robbing Social Security with the “CPI Chain Assault Weapon,” I’ve decided I’mo squat at his pad.  I hope First Lady Obama, and First Grandmother Robinson can bring their understanding and compassion to the table on this matter.  But, he’s leaving millions of us no choice, as we stock our cupboards with cat food, before the price skyrockets and we can’t even afford that.  I still don’t even understand how he and/or Congress can go in and gut SS. It’s nothing short of grand theft, diminishing us down to our last dime. I remember my husband, who was an economics professor, saying back in 2008 that Obama would be a “Five Star Republican.”  He was crystal clear on who was about to ascend the presidential throne.

I’ve been paying into SS since I got my first job in 1959, as a teenager with DC Parks and Recreation.  Even during the leanest of my freelance years, and I mean some of them were bone on bone lean, I paid into Social Security, so I would have a little somefin’ somefin’ in addition to monies invested in a retirement plan.  He seduced us on the campaign trail and now is turning around and slitting our throats with belligerent Beltway and K Street hocus pocus, after nickel and diming us to support his campaign, while finding even more ways to suck up even more dollars out of every economic orifice we thought was ours. Protecting the one percent at all costs to the poor and middle class has become the country’s primary mission, as the United States has been developed into a full-fledged corporation.

  According to those who righteously crunch the numbers related to Social Security, many retiring now could see their overall benefits decrease by $18,000.00 while those already retired will feel the pain as well.  Under the chain, those already minimal cost of living adjustments would go down.  No matter how these 21st century robber barons try to spin it, Social Security is completely self-funded through the payroll tax and does not contribute to the deficit.

While the view inside the Obama digs will be great and we won’t have to worry about getting “droned,” the view outside the windows will be filled with all those people betrayed. So when you find me and a whole posse of my peeps squattin’ up in your pad President Obama, you’ll know that your Beltway policies had everything to do with it.  By the way, do you think you could make us another batch of those brownies we had last night?  They tasted like they had something really special in them.

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